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4 Business Concepts We Apply in Ragnarok Online

Press 2017-08-02 10:23:20

One of Ragnarok Online’s charms as a game is the freedom of practically making a business out of almost everything. It is you, the player, that will set the new trends, create demand and provide the necessary services or products for the inhabitants of Rune-Midgard. From the basics of selling quest items right next to the NPC so they’ll just opt to buy instead of farming, forming Magni and Buff parties, offering crafting services as either an Alchemist or a Blacksmith and even playing as a paid mercenary during WoE when the time comes -- the list goes on and on. Let’s take a look at some of the basic business concepts we apply in Ragnarok Online.

Take note. I’m no business expert nor will this article sky rocket you to becoming the Iron Man or Batman of your server but I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to the what I’ll be tackling below!


Pick a Business You’d Enjoy

First, identify and make a list of what the market demands and then pick whatever fulfills your calling. For me, going around one map and farming certain items all-day with my favorite music playlist in the background is something I enjoy the most. If you’re good at fighting and have killer equips, people would definitely love to have you in their hunting parties or WoE (War of Emperium). If you like creating equipment or procuring pots, then becoming a blacksmith or as soon as the update comes, an alchemist, will fit your style. Priests, on the other hand, have numerous skillsets as well that enable them to become cash cows. From warp portal services to emergency resurrections, there’s money no matter where you are. Again, the possibilities are plenty. You just have to choose who you want to be in-game. Making money and having fun -- That’s the best combo. 


Put yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

Once you have developed and identified your type of business, listening to customers is a huge plus to know where to improve. Remember, there are tons of players that probably have the same services or are selling the same product as you so putting yourself in the customer’s shoes will help you understand the market more and determine where to set-up your pub chats, your AFK stalls or when to offer certain services or items.

For example, ROPH’s bonus exp at the moment is from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM. You know that’s when most people are online and would love to power their way through leveling. This means people wouldn’t want to waste time buying supplies like flywings,pots,arrows,gemstones,etc, elsewhere so you set-up stalls at popular leveling spots. For another angle, you can also offer leeching services in those areas as well. 


Networking and Taking Care of Relationships

No.This isn’t the “Open Minded ka ba?” kind. This is managing your contacts throughout your progress, taking care of customers and establishing yourself in the field you’re good at. Treating customers nicely and having good reviews will get you repeated transactions and constant referrals. Imagine this situation.

Player One: “Pre, may kakilala ka ba nagbebenta ng mura na ESB?”
Player Two: “Oo,pre. Pakilala kita sa kaibigan ko”

And that’s how it starts. From mercenary work to forging equipment for players, this can be applied to any form of business in the game. Even offering to sell items for your friends or business partners who have no time to vend or to find a buyer is another example of networking as well.



There are tons of pub chats and vending stalls clumped together in towns and dungeon entrances which would make it difficult for you to even start a transaction. How would you remedy this? Ask yourself this: What would make them double-click my stall?

First off, you have to know if you’re even selling at the right place. Knowing your market is a good start. If you know it’s a place where everyone dies all the time (*cough* Glast Heim *cough*), then selling Yggdrasil Leaves or Blue Gemstones nearby is a good venture. Selling quest items next to the NPC is an option as well. Also, if certain items are only available for a limited time, then you can probably buy them and risk selling them for a higher price once they aren’t easily accessible by the players anymore. 

Now that you already have the perfect spot with the perfect product paired with the best price in the market -- how do you catch their attention? Some resort to click bait titles (“MAPAPAMURA KA SA MURA”), use clever and amusing shop names or even post in groups via facebook to sell their products or services. Whatever you think that could help positively advertise your business. Do it.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more I haven’t covered in the article and it’s amazing to see how players continue to develop and improve our way of playing Ragnarok Online. I’m definitely looking forward how everything will turn out.

Until next time, folks! Have a nice day!
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By: Riku