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RO Stories: Biktima Ng Chixilog

Press 2018-01-25 15:21:15

This is just a short story and a warning to everyone to be careful about who they talk to in RO. I’m not generalizing, just be careful.

So I met this Chixilog gamer in our guild, and everyone is telling me that she’s pretty and all. I’m pretty rusty with girls cause the last time I had a gf was 2 years ago. So I thought God gave me the signal to have a new girlfriend but false alarm! It started when my guildmates bridged us together until I fell inlove with her. And it went on..

The thing about her is that she made everything feels legit, the pictures she sends me and videos she posts about herself and her friends are commenting on her facebook too. We chat all day and I strived to be rich in RO because of her, so that I could give her all the things she needs in RO.

I play Dota 2 too, and I’m an admin of one of the popular groups in the Dota 2 Community. So while I was scrolling down to manage the group, I noticed that there’s one girl who commented and looks like she’s using the picture of the girl I fell inlove with in RO. It turns out to be that I saw the real account and the girl I fell inlove with was just a poser. I saw all the videos she sent me on that profile. I felt devastated. I also saw that the real girl was in a relationship, so I hesitated to confront her that I fell inlove with her poser.

What I did was I just stopped communicating with that chixilog and let him be kicked out of the guild.
And yeah, I was back to the old rusty me.

Me and my guild had an eyeball gathering and we talked about that incident, turns out that it wasn’t only me who that chixilog targeted. I think she had 4 more victims.

We laughed about it and saw it as a lesson that next time you see a girl playing a game, make sure she’s legit. Meet her first or maybe ask her to do a fansign or video greeting.

We never knew if it was the boyfriend who used her pictures to get items for us.
Who knows?