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News 2017-06-21 19:22:51

Q: Is this the official game server for the Philippines?
Yes, Ragnarok Online Philippines is the official server.

Q: Who are the publishers of the game?    
The game is published by Electronics Extreme with ELITE as the local publishing partner.

Q: Who is the game developer?    
The game is developed by  Gravity.

Q: Where can I download the official game client?    
Players can download our full game client here at https://www.ragnarokonline.com.ph/news/download

Other links that you can download the game, you can choose from the following:

Full Game Client

Direct Downloads: Full game client download using file hosting site. Download speed may vary depending on internet connection.

Torrent: Full game client download using a torrent program. Download speed may vary depending on the number of Seeders. Can be paused.

.Zip or Parts
Direct Downloads: Game client divided into parts for download using file hosting site. Download speed may vary depending on internet connection.

Q: How can I register for an account?
You can create and register for an account at https://www.ragnarokonline.com.ph/register

Q: Will the service be offered as free-to-play or pay-to-play?    
Servers are offered as free-to-play or as we like to call it, Free to Win(F2W), wherein all key-items could be obtained in game.

Q: Can I play Ragnarok Online on my mobile phone?
The game is intended to be played in its original state on Personal Computers(PC).

Q: I am using a MAC OS powered device, can I play the game?
The game runs on Windows and is not available for MAC OS, but players may use virtual OS programs to help.

Q: What rates will be implemented for the servers? (Base, Job & Drops)    
Server rates will be 1/1/1. 

Q: What episode will the servers start in?
The servers are running Revo-Classic. A combination of the best qualities of Classic and Renewal servers such as:

  • Availability of a massive world map that will include areas not usually available on first release of the Ragnarok Online
  • Morroc Town will be restored
  • All mobs will return to their original spawn point
  • Ignore level differences between player and monster (Renewal feature)

Q: Will I be able to connect and play the game if I am from outside of the Philippines?
The servers are intended for Philippine users but technically it is possible for players outside the country to play the game.
Q: Ragnarok Online has been plagued with bots for the longest time, how will you address this issue?
The game is protected by CheatDefender that will guarantee a bot-free gaming environment.

Q: What are the system requirements for the game?    
OS: Windows 7 or higher
CPU: Pentium 4 2.5Ghz / Athlon64 3500 or higher
RAM: 1GB or higher
Graphics Card: Graphic memory of 512 MB or higher
Direct X: Direct X 9.0c
Harddisk: 2GB or higher
Can be found on the website on the downloads section: https://www.ragnarokonline.com.ph/news/download 

Q: Can we use the codes we received during the Ragna Festival last May 7, 2017 for CBT?
The item codes may only be used once OBT launches.

Q: After the CBT, would there be a wiped of items, characters, and accounts?
Yes, items and characters will be wiped out but game accounts will be retained.

Q: What is the purpose of CBT?
Closed Beta Test is to ensure that all critical issues are identified and addressed.

Q: What is OBT?
Open Beta Test is to ensure that all known concerns were addressed and the game and its features are functioning as intended.

Q: What is the policy on players who uses third party software?
Permanent suspension will be given to  those found using such third party programs. Additionally “machine” or MAC address bans will also be put in place to keep offenders away from the community and influencing other players to follow in their footsteps.

Q: As we all know RO at times can be associated with BOTs, is there a possibility to make it an in-game feature like AI in other games?
Gamers are drawn to a social and thriving community and prefer real people over BOTs. Ragnarok Online Philippines will not have a feature such as this.

Q:There is an issue with Lag in the old servers, will this be an issue in the new servers?
We have spoken directly with the developer and have drastically reduced Lag, they are constantly working to further improve the conditions.

Q: Are the servers ready to facilitate a large amount of returning players?
Aside from the two (2) servers  used during the CBT which are Thor and Loki, we have more servers reserved as back-up to facilitate any massive influx of players.

Q: South Korea has patched the new Doram race, will there be a chance for us to play the new race?
The Doram race will be patched as determined by the timeline because the content in question is more suitable during those stages of the game.

Q: What are your solutions on preventing inflation in the game economy?
Currently 90% of the inflation is caused by BOTs, once we have eliminated BOTs from the equation the Zeny valuation will increase. 

Q: What will you do about Private Servers?
If an official server exists then Private Servers should be non-existent. We are doing everything we can within the limits of the law to swiftly remove all Private Servers.

Q: What kind of assurance can management guarantee for their players that RO PH will be better than previous versions.
Players should experience this for themselves, it can be seen that everything mentioned is not far from reach. Ragnarok Online is not a thing of the past but a part of the present and continues to be.

Q: Is there a way to contact you when I have concerns?
Issues, questions, comments and feedback may be submitted to our LiveChat Support or you can find it on the lower left corner of our website.


Thank you and we hope that your questions have been answered.