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Get your HaROween on!

News 2018-10-19 18:23:57

Spooky hunting to all citizens of Rune Midgard!

In celebration of the upcoming Halloween festival, we pumped up a screenshot design contest!

Start date of submitting entries is on: October 22, Monday, 12:00 PM
End date of submitting entries is on: October 31, Wednesday, 12:00 PM

Submit your entry to this email address: [email protected]

Details required in your submission (Kindly type it out):

1. User ID (or account name)
2. Character name (must be visible in screenshot)
3. Email address (provided / used in your character registration)
4. Title of the screenshot
5. Short caption for the entry (a few sentences on inspiration, concept idea, etc.)
6. Each player can only submit 1 entry.

Event Mechanics

1. To participate, players are required to capture a screenshot of one of their own characters in any of the game maps.
2. The minimum screenshot size is 1024 x 768 at full screen, max sprite and texture.
3. Players may edit/alter/add/remove any portion of the screenshot, which includes editing of their own characters (costumes, garments, etc) to make them Halloween-themed.
4. The overall image must still resemble Ragnarok Online after editing.
5. Using any other characters and assets from other games will be disqualified.


Winners Selection
1. The First Prize winner will be selected by the Ragnarok Online team based on impact of Halloween theme – 50%, Creativity & Design – 50%
2. Second and third prize winners will be judged by the Ragnarok Online team and players by voting via
Sharing the screenshot - 1 point
Like / comment (reactions) - 3 points

Judgment scoring mechanics for 2nd and 3rd prizes will be posted in FB and website:
Impact of Halloween theme – 25%, Creativity & Design – 25%, Audience impact 50% (number of Likes).

3. The Ragnarok Online team will select 10-20 people for the consolation prize. (depends on the number of submitted entries)
4. All winners will be contacted via their email address provided with instructions on how to claim the rewards.
5. All winners will also be announced on the official Ragnarok Online PH Facebook page and official Ragnarok Online PH website in November.

***1st and 2nd prize wins an exclusive unreleased item


1. The team reserves the rights to disqualify any entry without providing the accurate details and information required.
2. The team reserves the rights to disqualify any entry which do not match the game mechanics stated.
3. The team reserves the right to alter the event mechanics however and whenever deem required.