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LOOK: ‘Ragnarok Online’ PH closed beta testing goes live

Press 2017-06-21 17:51:41


The closed beta testing (CBT) period of Ragnarok Online Philippines officially went live on June 20 to the excitement of fans.

"The flood of Novices at the game’s starting area. Image: Niko Shinn Cruz"

Two servers, Thor and Loki, are currently available for players to log into. Unfortunately, players experienced connection issues with both servers from time to time. In the old Ragnarok Online servers back in 2003, players often encountered spotty service, particularly when the population count on Chaos server reached 10,000.
A statement was issued on the Ragnarok Online PH official Facebook page to address the concerns. It assured players that the local Ragnarok team is doing its best to take care of the various problems that players have encountered.

Closed beta testing will run from June 20 up to June 26. During this time, various events will be run, which will award players on the game’s official launch. Awards will be in the form of items to be given after accomplishing certain game goals.

Attaining certain character levels up to level 85 during the CBT period will grant players special items that they can use when the game officially launches.

Players can also get rewards just by logging in each day.

Finally, a special event during Prontera Celebration day will have all the players work together to destroy the mysterious Emperium, which will appear in the middle of the Parade Route.
“Ragnarok Online” is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game owned by Korean video game corporation Gravity Co., Ltd. The game was initially launched in the Philippines in 2003 and published by Level Up! Games. The 2017 Ragnarok Online Philippines service is currently being handled by Thailand-based online entertainment service provider Electronics Extreme. JB

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