Ragnarok Customer Support


NEWS 2017-07-04 17:10:44

About LoadXtreme

   LoadXtreme is the pioneer in innovative prepaid products distribution and marketing. This program utilizes the proprietary technology established in June 2003, known as Universal Prepaid Loading System (UPLoadS).

This proven platform offers 24x7 access to multi-brand prepaid products and services nationwide, utilizing automated SMS, Facebook Messenger, mobile apps and the Internet to receive and fulfill orders for prepaid top-up.


Payment Channels



Dealer & Retailers

* Available on various Internet Cafes, Kiosk and other Loading Centres Nationwide


   1. Go to any LoadXtreme retail partner and purchase your desired denomination

   2. Provide your mobile number to the retailer upon purchasing your desired EPINS Denomination

   3. Go to https://www.ragnarokonline.com.ph/

   4. Click "Login" at the upper right corner of the website

   5. Input your account Username and Password

   6. Click Top Up then input the EPINS Code

   7. Top Up confirmation will be shown