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RO Stories: Nag-RO Para Kay Crush

Press 2018-01-25 14:38:48


Back in high school, I never had the interest to play RO.
Me and my bestfriend, Ryan, played Counterstrike and Starcraft most of our free time after school.


One day, he invited me to play at his place. It was the first time I got to see their house, his gaming station, and meet his family. I met his mom, dad, and his beautiful sister.
Yes, you read that right.. beautiful sister. Haha!
His sister is heck of a pretty girl, and hell, she’s my type.
Shiela is two years older than me and she’s a gamer too! She plays Ragnarok Online.

God, My heart was struck at that moment!

When I got home, I downloaded Ragnarok Online and created an account even if it was pay to play. I spent my allowance just to play with her. I mean, I needed to be Mr. Suave and make efforts to atleast make her notice me, right? Well yeah, Mr. Suav3 was my IGN. *wink*

She was an archer and I supported her. (Realizing this, shouldn’t it be that she’s the support?) But that’s why I had a crush on her, she likes attacking. *wink* And that moment I got into RO, we partied 5/7 or 2/7. 5 hours or 2 hours was always enough to make me feel happy and thrilled to be with her. I always get that "kilig moment" whenever she types /lv when I resurrect her. Who wouldn’t? And this lasted for almost a month. Yeah, it was that long enough since I wanted to confess to her that I like her.

I warped her at Gonryun, (such a sweet place it was). And I told her on that I have something to confess. I think saying that makes a hint already.

“Yes?” she typed.
“I like you Shiela.”
“/heh” “But I am your Ate.”
“Age doesn’t matter.”
“Sorry Jih, I don’t date young kids.”

Young kids..
Young kids..
(echoed in my brain)

“Is there an old kid?”
“I kid. Okay Shiela, its okay.”
“Sorry Jih.”

And I warped back to Payon and I told her I’ll log off.

I wasn’t expecting anything, to be honest. I was just, maybe, trying to see what might happen but it wasn’t the first time I got a rejection.

I didn’t play Ragnarok Online much after that. Me and my bestfriend are still bffs, and I see Shiela everytime I play at Ryan’s but I shrugged it off.

Well, that’s Ragnarok Online for me.

I started playing Ragnarok Online again this 2017, but this time it isn’t for a crush.

This time it’s because my wife wants to play it with me.

By: Mr. Suave