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Tower of Thanatos - Walkthrough

News 2019-01-30 15:20:49

Follow this walkthrough to help you with the Thanatos Tower Quest

To do this quest, you would need the ff:
☐ 5000 Zeny • Tower's Entrance Fee
☐ LV 4 Weapon • To obtain the RED KEY
☐ 5 People • To pursuade the guide to open the door going to the third floor (3F)
☐ Being advanced class to go into the seventh floor (7F)

A. Swing in to the first floor of the Thanatos Tower (1F) and find the NPC representative (tha_t01 149, 78).
The representative is currently looking for people who would want to go to the tower.

B. You would be blocked on the second floor of Thanatos Tower (2F) (tha_t02 231, 161) going to the third floor (3F) so you need to gather 5 or more players near the Entrance Guide NPC to pursuade the guide to open the door going to 3F.


C. Upon reaching the third floor (3F) (tha_t03 66, 67) a Rune Device will appear in the southwest corner. Open the device using a Lv. 4 weapon and to get the RED KEY. 

D. Once you're in the fourth floor (4F) (tha_t04 191, 195) another Rune Device is in the northeast corner (tha_t04 185, 188) once you've walked upon the portal.
• You must find the device located outside the wall to solve the puzzle.
• The module will give you 5 rounds to guess the correct number and once completed, you will be awarded with a YELLOW KEY. In every turn, you have to input 3 numbers then the machine will tell you on how many of the numbers are correct and if its in the right combination but not in the proper position. You will be given five (5) attempts and once you exceeded the number of tries, the machine will reset itself and the code will change. Solving the puzzle will let you acquire the YELLOW KEY. With this, be patient.

E. Once you have reached the fifth floor (5F) (tha_t05 59, 178) you will find the Eagle Statue and all you have to do is to click the statue and enter the RED KEY then the YELLOW KEY. Once done, you will receive the BLUE KEY.

F. Upon reaching the sixth floor (6F), (tha_t06 226, 226) you will see a brilliant statue and you need to adjust the 5 wheels. Once configured, you will get the GREEN KEY

G. Still on the sixth floor (6F) (tha_t06 200, 181) you would need to walk to the south and find the module (final module) in fire place. To get the BLACK KEY, choose the 2nd option all throughout.

H. Hurray! You have acquired all the 5 colored keys and you may now enter the through the portal to go to the next floor. (You could not enter the portal unless you have all five keys) BLACK KEY will transform into BLACK CHARM STONE and you have to discard it and repeat the step "G" before entering the seventh floor (7F) in every journey.

I.You will find a set of Shining Crystals (SC) on the eight floor (8F) (tha_t08,46 65) which is on your east from the point where you came from. Speak to the Shining Crystal and one of your keys will transform into a charm stone. Talk to the 2nd set of SC in (tha_t08 47, 147), 3rd set at (tha_t08 94, 150) and the last at (tha_t08 93, 59) and the key in your hand will transform into a corresponding charm stone.

J. Now, all the magical charm stones are in your possession and you may now open the pathway (tha_t08 112, 43) to the top of Thanatos Tower. Continue walking up to the floors until you reach the 12th Floor (12F)

K. Once you reached the 12th floor
• Place the YELLOW CHARM STONE into the Gold religious statue (tha_t12 159, 56) in the northeast direction.

• Move to the south and place the GREEN CHARM STONE into the wiseman statue (tha_t12 151, 17) in the southeast direction.

• Then place the BLUE CHARM STONE into the third statue (tha_t12 104, 18) in the southwest direction

• Place the RED CHARM STONE into the fourth statue (tha_t12 96, 58) in the northwest direction.

• Lastly, position the BLACK CHARM STONE into the Dark Devil Statue (tha_t12 129, 83) in the north direction.

L. Move to the southwest platform (thana_boss 62, 171) and you will need and acquire the Fragment of Hatred. Place the FRAGMENT OF HATRED and Odium of Thanatos will appear

M. Make your way to the northwest platform (thana_boss 80, 76) and you will need a Fragment of Despair. Place the FRAGMENT OF DESPAIR and Despero of Thanatos will appear.

N. Defeat the first wave of monsters and proceed to the northeast platform (thana_boss 202, 75) you will need and should acquire the Fragment of Misery. Without it, you could not proceed since you will need to place the FRAGMENT OF MISERY in the magic circle to make Maero of Thanatos appear.

O. Make your way to the southeast platform and you will discover a magic circle (thana_boss 217, 167). You should obtain or bear the Fragment of Agony to proceed. Move your character to the magic circle and enter "FRAGMENT OF AGONY" and Dolor of Thanatos will appear.

P. Once all the four (4) ghosts are defeated, your party will be summoned to the north platform after a speech and MEMORY OF THANATOS will appear next to them.

Q. Lastly, following Thanatos' defeat, the party will have 20 seconds to pick up the drops before being warped back to 12F and he can be summoned again by anyone after 2 hours. 

For Item Trades
You may talk to Guide Liei (tha_t01 140, 78) and you will be given thousand zeny (1000) in each Cursed Seal, Golden Ornament, Blue Feather, or Red Feather dropped by monsters throughout the tower.