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[Quest] ROPH Christmas 2018 - The Beginning

News 2018-12-19 12:16:00

[Quest] The greedy thief and the stolen magical snow flower
ROPH Christmas 2018 - The Beginning

   The Christmas in Rune-Midgard is about to begin! Unfortunately, the Magical Snow Flower which is the important thing for Santa is gone! Because of Antonio, the greedy thief was stealing it. Without the flower, the festival would be tiresome. Please help Santa by finding the stolen flower and bring back to him as much as you can to get the prize. Starting from today until January 3, 2019

You can check current top 20 ranking here

Event Details 

  • Start : December 19, 2018 (After the Maintenance)
  • End : January 3, 2019 (Before the Maintenance) 

Event Conditions

  • All player can participate in this event.
  • Follow the quest by finding Magical Snow Flower which dropped from Antonio, collect it as much as you can.‚Äč

Magical Snow Flower cannot trade, put in the cart or put in your storage either.

  • Top 20 Players who accumulate the most amount of Magical Snow Flower will win the prize.
  • In case of players have the equal amount of Magical Snow Flower, we will base on the one who fastest reaches to that amount first.
  • Antonio is the event monster which is scattered by various maps. He drops candy, candy cane, cookie and also the Magical Snow Flower.

Top 20 Players who accumulate the most amount of Magical Snow Flower 
will receive
 "Mini Tree" (can be traded)

...Magical Snow Flower has a secret.
Keep them as much as you can. It's just the beginning...