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Aigenta Exchange of April 2019

News 2019-04-08 16:53:54

Aigenta the Exchanger has arrived in our server!

Collect Aigenta Receipts to redeem great prizes from the new NPC.
Each time a player opens 1 of the 3 scrolls included during the event period,
it will guarantee an Aigenta Receipt (1 ea) and a Random Item (1 ea) from the scroll drop list!

1. Each time a player opens a scroll (1 of the 3 scrolls below, he or she will obtain an Aigenta Receipt (100% drop rate)
and a Random Item from that scroll drop list.

Ex. If a player opens a Black Shiba Scroll, he or she will get 1 Aigenta Receipt and 1 Random Item from the Black Shiba Scroll drop list.

Scroll Name
Black Shiba Scroll
Marble Rabbit Scroll
Giant Maneki Scroll

Aigenta Receipt: Available for Storage only.


2. Collect Aigenta Receipt to exchange for rewards at NPC Aigenta at the NPC cash shop zone found in all major cities (Alberta, Morocc, Prontera, Geffen, Al de Baran).
3. Where are they located?

Aigenta Officer Location
Morocc 128, 82
Prontera 144, 107
Alberta 127, 70
Geffen 109, 67
Al de Baran 135, 109

4. After the event ends, NPC Aigenta will still be around, and players can continue bring Aigenta Receipt to exchange for rewards. Aigenta Receipt won’t remove from players too.
5. Players can continue to collect Aigenta Receipt to exchange for other costume rewards every 2 months.
6. New events will be added in the future for players to obtain more Aigenta Receipts.
7. Players can check the rewards list below for the items currently available to exchange using Aigenta Receipts.

*Note : Aigenta Receipt will obtain from the scroll that have Aigenta Receipt contain on it only.*

1. Is the NPC permanent?

2. Are there any changes of costumes every month?
No. Before changing the costumes, Announcements would be done 1 week ahead of time.

3. Which scrolls/event can be obtained with the Aigenta Receipt?
▶ Marble Rabbit Scroll
▶ Giant Maneki Scroll
▶ Black Shiba Scroll
▶ Kafra Treasure Box
▶ Daily Login