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Card Matching

News 2017-11-15 18:00:00

   Train up your memory by playing Card Matching game in Ragnarok Online Philippines website and receive special items every day. Starting Now until December 13th, 2017.

Event page link : https://activities.ragnarokonline.com.ph/matching-cards/main

Event Details 

  • Start : November 15th, 2017 (07.00 PM)
  • End : December 13th, 2017 (Before the Maintenance)


Event Conditions

  • Login with your EXE ID thru website or this link >> https://activities.ragnarokonline.com.ph/matching-cards/main <<  (The account must have atleast 1 character at level 50)
  • Match 8x8 cards, player will be able to open 6 pairs of cards per day and are able to gain 4 more chances to open the cards from sharing the event on to Facebook (Total of 10 times/day)

  • Chances will be reset everyday at 00.00 AM, and are not able to save the chances for other days.
  • Everytime a player opens the cards the chance will be deducted. Matching cards will give 1 emerald, non-matching card will not give any emerald.

  • Matched cards will remain openned, non-matching cards will be faced down.
  • Emeralds can be use to redeem prices, there are 4 different boxes using different amount of emeralds.
  • Total emeralds can be saved for the other day.