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Daily Login Rewards - November 2018

News 2018-11-19 00:00:01


   Receive awesome rewards every day just by logging in Ragnarok Online, Enjoy daily rewards for the month of November 2018!

Event page link : https://activities.ragnarokonline.com.ph/daily-login

Event Details 

  • Start : November 19, 2018 : 00.01 AM
  • End : December 18, 2018 : 11.59 PM

Event Conditions

  • Login to the event page link
  • You will receive rewards on a day by day basis which means that even if you missed that particular day it will not skip the reward for that day and so forth
  • an ID can only receive the reward once
  • The items you receive cannot be traded
  • You can receive up to 28 items per month depending on the month, you can only miss 3 days to obtain all the rewards    
  • Once you have accepted the reward it will be sent to the NPC Cool Event Corp Employee in Alberta (coordinate 147,60)



Day 7 log in item set : Free Ticket for Kafra Storage 5 ea, Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation 5 ea, Abrasive 1 ea, Giant Fly Wing 5 ea, Spark Candy 1 ea, Siege White Potion 10 ea

Day 14 log in item set : Siege Blue Potion 5 ea, Siege White Potion 10 ea, Token of Siegfried 1 ea, Kafra Card 1 ea, Daily Life Insurance 1 ea, Siege White Potion 10 ea

Day 21 log in item set : Big Defense Potion 5 ea, Big Magic Defense Potion 5 ea, Battle Manual 1 ea, Giant Fly Wing 10 ea, Job Manual 1 ea, Siege White Potion 20 ea