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EXCash Bonus Refill

Promotion 2017-07-31 21:36:55

EXCash Bonus Refill

      Take advantage of our special promotion starting this August 1st  Top-up with 300PHP, 500PHP or 1,000PHP cash card and receive special items for free! The more you top-up the greater the items. Diehard fans should not miss out on this opportunity!



Promotion Details

  • Start : August 1 2017 (00.01 AM)
  • End : August 31 2017 (23.59 PM)


  • Succeed to make topup with 300PHP, 500PHP or 1,000PHP cash card from any channel ( such as Load Central, Allserve, Gamer.ph and LoadXtreme.)
  • No limit 'times' for topup

Reward Channel

  • Users able to get reward thru Website as soon as they complete the condition
  •  Pick up your items in-game at the NPC names Cool Event Crop Employee at the city of Alberta (coordinates 147,60)




* list of items can be obtained from Jewelry Box *

Gold Azure Jewel Red Jewel Aquamarine
Ruby Amethyst 1carat Diamond 3carat Diamond
Rough Oridecon Rough Elunium Steel Star Crumb
China Pencil Case Rouge Bouquet 
Four Leaf Clover Red Frame Black Ladle Chung Jah
Witherless Rose Elunium Oridecon Gift Box
Wedding Bouquet Opal Topaz  Cursed Ruby 
Frozen Rose Blue Potion Royal Jelly  


What is EXCash

     A form of digital currency cards that are available through various payment channels such as Load Central, Allserve, Gamer.ph and LoadXtreme.


EXCash distribution channels



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