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Halloween Festival :  Jakk and his missing cat in Halloween night

News 2017-11-01 11:26:48

   Jakk and his cat are missing! That makes Niflheim Town is in chaos. If Jack is not here on this Halloween, the festival would be tiresome. Please help the ghosts in Niflheim find Jakk and his missing cat. Starting now until November, 29th 2017.

Event Details 

  • Start : November 1st, 2017 (After the Maintenance)
  • End : November 29th, 2017 (ฺBefore the Maintenance)

Event Conditions

  • Players who want to participate must have more than level 20
  • A character can participate the main quest (3 parts) for only one time (but can participate a special quest everyday)
  • Players must finish doing the special quest for 7 times so you will get the reward which can restart the quest from the quest tab ( Alt+U : Jack and Jack's Jacky days)
  • If players can finish the special quest for 7 days and already get the reward, you can restart the special quest again according to the time in the quest tab (Alt+U) and it will count as doing the special quest for the first stage again.
  • Special quest can be done repeatedly until the end of the event.
  • Every reward from the quest cannot be exchanged.

Quest will be divided into a Main quest (3 parts)
and 1 Special quest


Main Quest Part 1 : Jack and Jack's Jacky Story

  • Quest can be started by the NPCs from Prontera, Payon or Morroc (Yellow mark on your Mini Map). When walking upon the NPC it will trigger the NPC to start a conversation, you can start the quest by choosing "Keep Listening" then you will be sent to Niflheim. You can check for the quest info in your quest tab (Alt+U).


  • The progress of the quest can always be viewed on the Quest Tab (Alt+U)


  • There are a  group of NPC and Jakk's pumpkin heads in Niflhhelm, but there is only one NPC that will help you with the quest. You must find that NPC.


  • We recommend you to carefully read the and go through the quest, it will surely tell you which NPC to talk to.

Quest's NPC

  • For this Quest, Player will have to eliminate 10 Runaway Jakk , find 10  Pumpkin Decor and 20  White Thin Stem. 
  • Runaway Jakks (Quest Monster) can be damage 1 per 1 hit. Normak Jakks will not be counted and will not drop the quest items.


  • The Main Quest will be complete after the player obtained 30  Cookies Bat as a reward.


Main Quest Part 2 : Jack and Jack's Cat

  • The quest can be started at Niflheim 172, 244 by talking to Jakk. He will ask you to find 1  Dry White Stem and ask you to help him search for his missing cat. We recommend you to read the quest carefully as the quest will tell you where to go.


  • The progress of the quest can always be viewed on the Quest Tab (Alt+U)​


  • The NPC for this quest are located in Umbala, Morroc and Alberta.

Quest's NPC

  •  The last part of this quest is in Alberta, after you finish talking with the NPC you will receive 1 Small pile of bones. You have to take it to Niflheim to complete the quest.​


  • Main Quest will be complete after you receive  1 Portable Cage for Scatleton and  1 Red Chorker as rewards​

Portable cage for Scatleton can be hatching with Pet Incubator


You can feed the Scatleton with Fresh Fish (Delicious Fish)


Main Quest Part 3 : A wind blown from the dark valley

  • This quest can be started at Niflheim 172 244 by talking to Jakk. He will tell about his cat that has been changed and players must ask NPCs about this issue around Niflheim


  • The progress of the quest can always be viewed on the Quest Tab (Alt+U)


  • Players must read the quest story carefully since the NPC will tell the players what the next NPC is.

Quest's NPC

  • For this quest, NPC will ask the players to find the item for him. Players must find  Black Fur (5ea) which can be obtained from every monster in niflheim field 02 map.
  • After that finish talking to the NPC, players must get  Delicios Fish (10ea) and  Dry White Stem (20ea) ready and give them to the NPC. After giving to the NPC, players will receive Memory of Gyol (1ea) and can talk to the next NPC


  • Main quest will be over when players receive Costume Jack (1ea)​


Special Quest (Finish doing for 7 times, Memory of Gyol/ Dark Mane/ Costume Jakk will be randomly given ONLY one item to the players as a reward)

  • After finish doing the Main Quest, walk to Hororong at Nifiheim again to accept a quest


  • The progress of the quest can always be viewed on the Quest Tab (Alt+U)


  • Kindly do the quest provided by the NPC. When the quest is finished, it will be count as one if the players already receive  Cookie Bat (10ea) and  Delicious Fish (10ea) after successfully giving the item to the NPC
  • Quest can be redo again within the duration in quest tab (Alt+U) by talking to Hororong again at Niflheim
  • If the players finish this quest for 7 times, Hororong will give  Memory of Gyo l/  Dark Mane /  Costume Jakk (randomly give ONLY one item as a reward) to the players.


Memory Of Gyoll use for evolving the Scatleton to Skelion


Dark Mane (accessory for Skelion)