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Kafra Shop Update April 18, 2018

News 2018-04-18 16:00:00


  • Ghost Scroll : 400 ROK

** Remarks **
The Battle Manual cannot stack with Field Manual.
Miracle Medicine cannot boost EXP over 1 level.

  • First Refill (Apr 18th - May 16th , 2018)
      Special promotion from EXcash, MOL and Cherry Credits . First Top-up with 1,000 EXcash, MOL or with 40,000 CC (via Cherry Credits), receive special items for free! Starting now until May 16th, 2018


  • Lady Scroll Promotion (Apr 18th - May 16th , 2018)
     For every 1,000 PHP Topped up with EXcash, MOL or topup ROK Point with Cherry Credits for every 26,300 CC purchase , you will receive 1 piece of "Lady Scroll". Starting now until May 16th , 2018



  • Costume Lucky (Apr 18th - 25th , 2018)
     Introducing The Costume Exchange System with the special event "Costume Lucky". Get the chance to win the prize for Lucky Draw! Starting today - April 25th, 2018


  • Dungeon Encounter (Apr 18th - May 16th , 2018)
    The Treasure Hunter Festival is begin. Passing every dungeon to get reward. Starting your adventure now!!