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Merging Server Policy

News 2018-01-16 18:53:47

Merging Server Policy

     Ragnarok Online Philippines will have server structure adjustment, these are details for the adjustment which we will make on February 8th, 2018.

Now, we have 3 servers which are Thor, Loki and Chaos.
We will include all 3 servers into one (Valkyrie).

   Server will have the maintenance on February 7th, 2018 (4.00 PM)

Details after server structure adjustment

1. Information Migration and Merging Characters   

   - All characters in Training Ground Map in all servers will be deleted.

   - If 1 account ID have all characters more than 6 characters, all characters will be included.

        For example, ID A has 6 Characters in Thor and 5 characters in Loki, ID A will have 11 characters.
        Unfortunately, the ID that has more than 6 characters will not be able to create more character until the ID delete characters to has less than 6 characters.

  - If character's name is duplicated more than 1 server, the character's name will be changed to name following by _ and abbreviation of servers.

        For example, "Name_LK", "Name_TH", "Name_CH".

   - All characters that changed name will be given 1 chance for changing the name.

2. Normal Gameplay

   - Storage will be divided into Main Storage and Storage [Extra] for each server. The main storage will be Loki, and extra storage will be Thor and Chaos.

       - Loki Server - All players from Loki will have items in Current Storage wihtin Normal NPC Kafra in all Map location. This does not have time limit. 
       - Thor Server and Chaos Server -  All players need to go to Special NPC Storage Service to the map location below.

Geffen 128 63
Payon 180 106
Aldebaran 146 119
Izlude 123 148
Yuno 146 119
Prontera 146 93
Morocc 160 97


   - These Special NPC will disappear on March 28, 2018. We really suggest payers to transfer all items from special NPC to Current storage in normal Kafra before it is expired.All item in special NPC will be deleted and will not be able to return the items.

   - The item type is limited to 300 types in each server's storage.

3. Guildwar System

   - Change Guildwar Schedule from

Before: Wednesday, and Saturday, time: 20.00 - 22.00
After: Tuesday, and Saturday, time: 20.00 - 22.00


   - Emperium and monsters will appear when the guildwar system begin. The guild can attack the Emperium to conquer the castles. After the guild defeat Emperium, the Emperium will disappear. The Emperium will appear again in Guildwar time.

   - WOE Will start on March 3, 2018, on a Saturday. The time for WOE will be the same 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

   - The guild who owned the Castle will only get the title and ownership. They will not be able to get the Treasure boxes and they should defend it on March 3.


4. Information that will NOT be reset.

   - Quest and quest status

   - Zeny

   - Kafra Point and Free Cash

   - Item within NPC Cool Event Corp Employe

   - Pet (Intimacy level will be the same as before merging server)

   - All item in character's inventory

   - Marrying and Adopetd information


5. Information that will be reset.

   - Guild Information

   - Guild castle and all Guild's Tech

   - All quest related to Guild system

   - Saving Warp Point

   - Alchemist and Blacksmith Ranking (Because the ranking is reset, so all item's ability related to ranking will disappear)

   - All party list information

   - All friend list