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New maps and Dungeons
Town: Rachel
Field: ra_fild01, ra_fild03,  ra_fild04, ra_fild05, ra_fild06, ra_fild08, ra_fild12, ve_fild02
Dungeon: Rachel Sanctuary and Ice Cave

Rachel (Town and Field)

Rachel Town (The Capital of Arunafeltz States) is the center of all religious ceremonies and the home of Rachel Sanctuary.

Players can reach to Rachel Town via airport in Izlude Town which costs 1,200 zeny.
(Sign: Izlude)

Here are the map of the fields around Rachel

You would be encountering monsters in the area of Rachel such as:


Rachel Sanctuary

A mysterious place that is known to be religious, but this sanctuary is really made for summoning the demons from its people.

Player must complete Quest : Rachel Sanctuary Part 1 , 2 and The Wicked Delivery for enter the dungeon.

More Detail : xxxxxxxxxxxx.com

Map in Rachel Sanctuary

Monsters that you would be encountering when entering the Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon.

Ice Cave

The coldest cave in the land of Midgard. Monsters in this dungeon have shapes that are similar to an Ice shard.
In the 3rd floor of the Ice Cave lies a strong monster named "Ktullanux" that protects his dungeon.

Ice Cave dungeon's entrance is in Ra_fild01 (Sign: ice_dun01)

Map of Ice Cave Dungeon

Monsters that you would be encountering when entering the Ice Cave Dungeon

Quest for Unlocking and Summoning "Ktullanux"

More details: