Ragnarok Customer Support

Patch Notes for 25 July 2018

Patch 2018-07-26 00:42:25

Good morning to all heroes of Midgard,

Here are the changes which will be made for yesterday's server maintenance.

1. New map update

- Einbroch, the City of Steel

- Lightharlzen, the City-State of Prosperity

- Kieh Mansion

- Also including Kiel Hyre Quest

2. New dungeons update

- Kiel Robot Factory

- Einbroch Mine Dungeon

3. Other updates

- Costume Misty Ears can now be traded

- Established Prontera event added.
More details here - https://www.ragnarokonline.com.ph/news/prontera-established

- Dungeon Spotlight: Eibroch Mine event added
More details here - https://www.ragnarokonline.com.ph/news/einbroch-mine

- Fixed: Using skill while entering warp

We are aware of some ongoing bugs with the update, and will resolve them as soon as possible.

Thank you!