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Press 2017-08-14 11:19:17

Hahahahahhahhahahaa… Oh gawdd… YOU WONT’ BELIEVE THIS! I can’t believe this to happen either. If you were on that #PrayerVigil #PrayForROPH Event on Loki’s Prontera Church. You sure would have a hard laugh on this. For soooo many times RagnarokOnline.com.ph had a maintenance, the lag was never fixed. They just added some headgears and the player’s expectations were not satisfied. BUT NOW, THEY ARE ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT! XD THIS IS PROGRESSSSSS!

How did I know This?

After the Maintenance, I checked for Patch Updates, but I saw none BUT THIS POST —–> ATTENTION ADVENTURERS! AUG 11, 2017. I was overjoyed when they are actually FIXING the Issue.

The Prayer Vigil lasted for an hour or more. You can check the video below. It’s ironically satirical but we’re also sincerely hoping for the lag and disconnections to get fixed. Thanks to IGN: Father John Carlooo and for being early.

Since the DDOS, I am not really LAG on normal hours but I disconnect frequently… Maybe like every 1 hour. Now few hours has passed and I WASN’T DISCONNECTED! A BIG THANKS TO LORD ANGELING AND THE ROPH OFFICIAL GROUP for finally fixing it! ????

Also, other people are also saying that the gameplay is smoother now:

Most of them said it’s just okay, but still there are people who are still LAG. But still! This is PROGRESS!

More About the Prayer Vigil Event

How did the Prayer Vigil Event Begin?

It all started with this 3 am Idea. I noticed most people KEEP SPAMMING Official ROPH Fanpage with Trashtalk that their server is dumb. They kept threatening ROPH that they will QUIT. They forgot ONE THING: It’s still OPEN BETA TEST. It’s still OBT, so there WILL STILL BE PROBLEMS as expected. Trash Talk wasn’t a big help to the current situation, unless the Official ROPH has a time machine to change the past.

So I thought… “Why not make the situation FUNNY instead”?

Surprisingly, people were supportive of the crazy idea and lots of people attended the church mass at Prontera.

How did it get a LOT of people who joined?

With the help of ROPH Iyakan Center and ROPH Memes, we were able to advertise the crazy idea to the public and it actually took their attention.

After the Church Mass

— People did their own crazy stuff. Like every other regular church IRL. These were the songs that we had when we first played Ragnarok. Right Veterans?

Final Words

It’s funny because even Thor Server people were asking if I could organize on that server too. But that server was still capable, compared to LOKI which was considered to be a cursed server because of its heavy lag and “cancer people”… (Makes sense since it was named after the Devil of Norse Myth) which really needs to be blessed lvl 10 and blessed by holy water 9999x

My IGN is CallCenterAgent. Also… “My real identity doesn’t matter, it’s what you do that matters – Batman”