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[Quest] Flower Of Psyche

Event 2019-03-27 09:50:19

Quest: Flower of Psyche
Continue the love story of Psyche and Eros in this White Day Event!
You're the only one who can help Eros find the perfect gift for Psyche
and get a sweetie delicious costume!

Start: 27 March 2019 (After Maintenance)
End: 10 April 2019 (Before Maintenance)

*Note Goscinny Rose, Cherish Bouquet and Lottery Ticket will be removed on 10 April 2019 (MA Day)*

- Character must be Level 50 or more to accept the quest.
- The quest has 2 parts, including
1. Main Quest and, 2. Daily Quest

- Each character can accept Main Quest 1 time only during this event period.
- Each character can accept Daily Quest 5 times per day during this event period.
- Daily Quest will reset daily at 09:00 AM (player must complete Main Quest first to unlock Daily Quest.
- Check your quest mission by pressing "Alt +U".

After completing the Main Quest, players will receive the following rewards:
- Base EXP and 150,000 Job Points
- Random item from the Rewards List (See Below)

How to do a Main Quest
Player can accept the Main Quest only one (1) time per character

1. Start at Alberta Town (Alberta 195, 141) and talk with NPC: Eros, he would need some help in finding the best gift for Psyche. Once he asks you on the perfect gift, choose "Grace Bouquet" and he will assign you to go to Orc Forest to meet his friend

2. Go to Orc Forest (Gef  _fild10 230, 204) talk with NPC : Ava, choose “Explain”

3. Collect Goscinny Rose 10 ea from Orc Lady.

Monster: Orc Lady (gef_fild10, gef_fild14)

Goscinny Rose: Non-Tradable, Non-Vending

4. Bring the 10 Goscinny Rose back to NPC: Ava to make a bouquet.
*Note: Unfortunately, her tools ran out! But her friend can make the bouquet too.

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