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[Quest] Flower Of Psyche - Part 2

NEWS 2019-03-21 10:28:53

5. Go to Amatsu (Amatsu 182, 166) and talk with NPC: John. You must spend 20,000 Zeny and wait for 5 minutes for him to make the bouquet.

6. After 5 minutes, return to NPC: John and he will give you a Cherish Bouquet (1 ea) for you.

Cherish Bouquet: Non-Tradable, Non-Vending

7. Deliver the Cherish Bouquet to NPC Eros at Alberta Town (195, 141) and you will get Job EXP 150,000 points and Random 1 item from the Reward List

How to do a "Daily Quest - Players can do Daily Quest/s 5 times per day.

- Players MUST complete the Main Quest before Daily Quest is unlocked.
- Daily Quest can be done 5 times per day and will reset daily at 09:00 AM.

1. Start at Prontera Town (Prontera 47, 211) and talk to NPC: Nemo

2. NPC Nemo will send you out to hun monsters and collect items following the list.

Random 1 mission number from this list


Hunting Monster

Item Collect


Hunting 50 Wolf

Wolf Claw 30 ea


Hunting 50 Alligator

Anolian Skin 30 ea


Hunting 50 Petite

Dragon Canine 30 ea


Hunting 50 Flora

Maneater Blossom 30 ea


Hunting 50 Orc Warrior

Orcish Voucher 30 ea

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