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[Quest] Rachel Ice Necklace

News 2019-02-27 18:00:53


Rachel Ice Necklace : Find a mysterious thing in Ice Cave and release MVP “Ktullanux”

Item Required : https://cdn.exe.in.th/marketing/ragnarok/images/2018/07/17/revo/ice-cave-quest/1354.gif Hammer [2] 1 ea, https://cdn.exe.in.th/marketing/ragnarok/images/2018/07/17/revo/ice-cave-quest/7433.gif Scroll 1 ea and https://cdn.exe.in.th/marketing/ragnarok/images/2018/07/17/revo/ice-cave-quest/996.gifRough Wind 5 ea


1. Start at Rachel Town, talk with NPC : Sincere Follower Urstia (Rachel 157, 183).
She will tell you about the history of Rachel Town and give you Ashy Necklace 1 ea.

2. Go to Ice Cave Dungeon 2nd Floor (Ice Dun 02 120, 105) 
You will see NPC : Man in the Ice,He will need your help to release him from ice tomb.

3. Only Wind Hammer can break the Ice, Go to Rachel Town (Rachel 265, 98)
Talk with NPC : Hamion and he will make a wind hammer but need some ingredients for make it.

[Craft Material : https://cdn.exe.in.th/marketing/ragnarok/images/2018/07/17/revo/ice-cave-quest/1354.gif  Hammer [2] 1 ea / https://cdn.exe.in.th/marketing/ragnarok/images/2018/07/17/revo/ice-cave-quest/7433.gif  Scroll 1 ea / https://cdn.exe.in.th/marketing/ragnarok/images/2018/07/17/revo/ice-cave-quest/996.gif  Rough Wind 5 ea]

You can buy an Item Scroll player from NPC Scroll Merchant in Juno Town (yuno 323, 280),
price 4,000 per 1 ea.


5. When you got Wind Hammer, bring back to Ice Dungeon 2nd Floor (Ice_dun02 120, 105)
and use it for break NPC : Maheo from the ice tomb.

6. After breaking him out of the ice, he will give you Freezing Snow Powder 4 ea
and your Ashy Necklace from your inventory will transform into Shining Necklace.

7. Turn back to Rachel Town and give the necklace to Urstia and she will give base EXP 700,000 point to you.


How to release MVP "Ktullanux"
Item Required :  Freezing Snow Powder 4 ea to unlock this quest 1st time 
(Next time https://cdn.exe.in.th/marketing/ragnarok/images/2018/07/17/revo/ice-cave-quest/7562.gif use Ice Scale 4 ea to release a boss)


1. Speak with 4 Blazing Fire in Ice Cave Dungeon 3rd Floor and use Freezing Snow Powder on it.
1st Blazing Fire (Ice_dun03 126 126)

2nd Blazing Fire (Ice_dun03 172, 126)

3rd Blazing Fire (Ice_dun03 172, 172)

4th Blazing Fire (Ice_dun03 127 172)

2. After you release 4 Blazing Fires, MVP “Ktullanux” will appear in the middle of Ice Cave Dungeon 3rd Floor.

**Players can ONLY redo the release of "Ktullanux" every 2 hours**
**Once you redo it, you need only https://cdn.exe.in.th/marketing/ragnarok/images/2018/07/17/revo/ice-cave-quest/7562.gif4 ea of Ice Scales to replace Freezing Snow Powder 4 ea to summon an MVP**