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[Quest] Rachel Sanctuary Part 1

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Rachel Sanctuary Part I

Condition : Base Level 60 +

Items Required:
 Glacial Heart 40 ea (Obtained from Siroma, Gazeti, Snowier and Ice Titan)
 Firecracker 20 ea (Obtained from NPC Party Supplies Shop at Hugel Town 94, 104)


Completed Rachel Donation : Temple Lottery Ticket and unlock Rachel Sanctuary Part I.
Completed Rachel Santuary Part I : Base EXP 25,000.

Completed The Wicked Delivery Quest : http://file5.ratemyserver.net/items/small/617.gif Old Blue Box 1 ea, Base EXP 90,000 and unlock Rachel Sanctuary Part II.
Completed  Rachel Sanctuary Part II : Base EXP 45,000 and Job EXP 60,000.

Rachel Donation
1. Go to Rachel Temple (ra_temple 115, 174) talk with NPC Namme and click on "I came to Pray", then she will explain about the donation and lottery system.

2. Select your donation

3. When the total donation amount reaches 500,000,000 zeny, Rachel Sanctuary Part I and II will be unlocked.
Player can also exchange his on-hand Lottery Tickets with NPC Panno to receive different rewards.
Note: Player can access Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon after completing Rachel Sanctuary Part II.



Rachel Sanctuary Part I
1. Start at Rachel Temple by entering the top portal from Rachel Town
(ra_temple 115, 174) and talk with NPC Nemma.
She is standing in front of the sanctuary and Nemma will give you a hint to find someone who could help you enter the sanctuary via a secret entrance. 


2. Go to Rachel Town and talk with NPC Kid (Rachel 242, 37).
In this step, you must talk with him a couple of times by choosing "Sure, I love the stuff and What's that?"

3. Go back to Rachel Temple (ra_temple 66, 207) and you will get a pop-up dialogue, choose Enter Through Window to enter the sanctuary.

4. After you have gone into the window, walk to the top, turn right, and go down then enter the portal from the left stair.
Once you've enter the portal, walk a bit further to enter the top middle portal.

Guideline: Start at the blue dot on the left side of the map and follow the yellow line in the picture.
After going up the stairs, continue to follow the yellow line until you see a portal behind a statue.


5. You will get a pop-up dialogue at the ending blue point. Choose "Investigate" and try to walk around the stairs again until you receive a 2nd pop-up dialogue. Choose "Investigate Again".

6. Walk back to the stairs and go one level down then follow the greenline to the red dot found on the guide map.


7. When you reach the portal at the red dot, select "Push Gate" to exit.

8. Talk with NPC Nemma, then enter to the portal sanctuary.


9. Once you're inside the sanctuary, you will find NPC Priestess Panno.
Chat with her and choose "Hey, did you open the gate?" and keep on talking to her.

10. Turn back to NPC Nemma and prepare 20 Firecrackers for her to receive
and she will give you Base EXP 50,000 and you have completed Quest - Rachel Sanctuary Part I.

Click the picture below to proceed to Rachel Sanctuary Part 2!

Click the picture below to proceed to The Wicked Delivery