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ROPH Year-Ender WoE Bash!

NEWS 2018-12-21 17:29:26

ROPH Year-Ender WoE Bash!

Event Schedule

  1. Event will be held during WoE of December 25 & 29, and January 1.
  2. Castle spotlights are:
    • December 25 : Leprion
    • December 29 : Kriemhild
    • January 1 : Neuschwanstein

      *** Note: Castles were chosen randomly

Eligibility and Registration

  1. All guilds with an Official Guild Approval
  2. Day 1 winner can no longer participate in Day 2 and Day 3
  3. Day 2 winner can no longer participate in Day 3
  4. If Day 1 and Day 2 winners own the hot agit at the end of their ineligible days, their in-game prizes will be forfeit.

Event Mechanics

  1. For three WoE days, guilds will be battling to gain ownership of the Hot Castles.
  2. Whoever owns the castle at the end of the day, will receive merchandise and a costume for them to give away during their Year-End GEB.


  1. In-Game Items
    • Costume Ljosalfar (for December 25 winner)
    • Costume Gryphon Hat (for December 29 winner)
    • Costume Tiara (for Jan 1 winner)

Each winning guild will get

  • 2 Angeling Plushies
  • 15 Lanyards
  • 10 Drawstring Bags
  • 5 Ragnarok T-Shirts

CM Maiko will contact your guild on how to claim your prizes


Note: Mechanics, rules, and prizes are subject to change without prior notice.