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[Walkthrough] Orc Memory Dungeon

News 2019-04-24 12:00:00

Complete the Orc Memory Dungeon Quest with this step-by-step guide!


Base Level: Only players between Level 30 – 80 can play this quest.
Party: 2+ members

MVP Orc Boss Monster Battle


1. To "Reserve the Orc's Memory, you need to get 2 or more people to join your party and let the party leader speak with Dimansional George Piece (gef_fild10 242, 202).

2. Once the party generation is confirmed, Click the Dimensional Gorge Piece and select "Enter the Dungeon"

A window will appear showing the time limit in entering the dungeon. If it doesn't appear, it can be opened again by clicking the shortcut Alt+B. There is a 2 hour time limit for completing the quest before the instance is destroyed.

3. Once you have entered the dungeon and to start the instance, your party leader must speak to Kruger (180 29) to proceed.

4. In order for you to pass every zone on the first map, you should defeat the Enchanted Orc within that zone. 
(Enchanted Orcs = Orc Warriors). Kruger explains that each non-enchanted orc you kill will cause a High Orc to spawn near the exit.

5. You may find the first Enchanted Orc in (142, 87) and once killed, this opens the portal (168, 125).

6. Find the second Enchanted Orc in (106, 108) and once killed, it opens a portal (89, 94).

7. The third Enchanted Orc is located at (35, 44), once killed, it opens the portal (38, 105).

8. Finally, you may find the fourth Enchanted Orc at (24, 178) onced killed, it opens the portal (21, 189).
As soon as the last Enchanted Orc dies, all monsters in [email protected] will de-spawn.

9. Speak to Kruger again on the next map (35, 169) as he will explain to you on the next proceedures to go to the next zone.

10. The first Braziers are located at (27, 164), (55, 154), (108, 145), and (99, 170).

Chief Orc of Safeguards will spawn once everything is activated in order and defeating him will open the portal at (48, 100)


11. The second zone braziers are at (35, 92), (33, 70), (71, 30), and (84, 50).
Orc Sniper will spawn at (67, 64) after being activated in order and killing him will open a portal at (101, 55).


12. The third zone Braziers are at (143, 144), (162, 134), (145, 116), and (137, 98). Once activated in order, you will see the Depraved Vengeful Orc Spirit at (156, 147) and killing him will open a portal at (167, 104).

13. Once the Depraved Vengeful Orc Spirit is dead, you will see the Depraved Orc Hero and Shaman Cargalache at (173 24).

14. You may proceed to (181 12) to exit the map.

You may repeat the Dungeon Instance every 2 hours.